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Ben Shassere

Additive Manufacturing for Energy


Supervising Faculty: Suresh Babu

Ben is from Oak Ridge, Tennessee and went to Tennessee Technological University to get his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. During his degree pursuit he was a cross country student athlete in which he competed at the NCAA Div I level. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he took a post bachelor’s internship at Oak Ridge National Lab. There he investigated the structural and magnetic transformations of the Magneto Caloric material Ni2MnGa using neutron scattering and other techniques. He also built and utilized a prototype test bed magnetic regenerator for use in refrigerators and industrial HVAC systems. This prototype was used to study variables that change the efficiencies and energy effects of magnetic regenerators. After this experience he knew he wanted to pursue a doctorial degree in material science. He was accepted at The Ohio State University to work with Dr. Suresh Babu. Then he transferred to The University of Tennessee when Dr. Babu accepted the Governor’s Chair position at the university. Ben's research topic is to use a multi-scale characterization technique to understand the carbide evolution in 9Cr1Mo steels to minimize failure in weldments in power plants utilizing high temperature steam to produce electricity. Ben still continues to enjoy running and also fishing and whitewater kayaking in his spare time.


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - Tennessee Technological University

Awards and Recognitions

  • TN Tech President’s Award (2011)
  • TN Tech Man of the Year Nomination (2011)


B. A. Shassere, O. Abdelaziz, B. M. Evans, D. L. West, “Thermal Imaging of Active Magnetic Regenerator MCE Materials during Operation”, Fifth IIF-IIR International Conference on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature, Thermag V Grenoble, France, 17-20 September 2012

D.M. Nicholson, Kh. Odbadrakh, B.A. Shassere, O. Rios, J. Hodges, G.M. Ludtka, W.D. Porter, A.S. Sefat, A. Rusanu, G. Brown, B.M. Evans III, “Modeling and Characterization of the Magnetocaloric Effect in Ni2MnGa Materials”, International Journal of Refrigeration ,2013

Orlando Rios, Tom Watkins, Ling Yang, Alexandru Stocia, Ben Shassere, Don Nicholoson, Gerry Ludtka, and Gail Ludtka. "An Investigation of the Tempering Kinetics and Residual Stress States of a Cryogenically Treated and High Magnetic Field Processed Steel via Neutron Scattering Experiments" In AIP Conference Proceedings. American Institute of Physics, 2013

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