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Gajanan Bhat

Materials Science and Engineering, UT


Dr. Bhat received his bachelor’s degree in textiles from the Bangalore University in 1981, M. Tech in Fiber Science and Technology from IIT Delhi in 1984, and his PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science from Georgia Tech in 1990. His dissertation research was to understand the conversion of polyacrylonitrile-based precursors into carbon fibers. After that he joined Image Carpets, Rome, GA, a company producing fibers from post-consumer recycled polyester for carpets, where an analytical laboratory was set up to characterize recycled plastics and fibers. Dr. Bhat joined UTK as a faculty member in the textile science program in August 1990. His research at UTK covers: (i) nonwovens - melt blown, spunbond, and biodegradable, (ii) plastics recycling, (iii) high performance fibers and composites, and (iv) multifunctional fibers and nonwovens using nanotechnology. He has published more than 125 original research papers, and has two US Patents to his credit.


Biodegradable Nonwovens and Composites

Flame Retardant Nonwovens

Structure and Properties of High Performance Fibers

Nanoclay Reinforced Polymers, Fibers and Nonwovens

Multifunctional Composites

Nanophase MnO7 incorporated Fibers and Nonwovens

Awards and Recognitions

Inducted as a Fellow of the Textile Institute - 2005

Best Paper Award, INTC - 2004

Distinguished Achievement Award from the Fiber Society - 1999

Received the Nancy Belck Foundation Award from the College of Human Ecology - 1997

Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni from Georgia Tech - 1996


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G. Bhat, R. Hegde, M. G. Kamath and B. Deshpande, “Nanoclay Reinforced Fibers and Nonwovens,” Proceedings of the AATCC Conference, Atlanta, GA, October 2006.

R. Nanjundappa and G. S. Bhat, “Effect of Processing Conditions on the Structure and Properties of Polypropylene Spunbond Fabrics,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 98, 2355-2364 (2005).

M. G. Kamath, G. S. Bhat, D. V. Parikh, and D. Mueller, “Cotton Fiber Nonwovens for Automotive Composites,” International Nonwovens Journal, pp 34-40 (Spring 2005).

Subbiah, T., G. S. Bhat, R. W. Tock, S. Parameswaran and S. Ramkumar, “Electrospinning of Nanofibers,” J. Appld. Poly. Sci., Vol. 96, 557-569 (2005).

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