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Seong Jin An

Energy Conversion and Storage


Supervising Faculty: David Wood

Seong Jin has had PEM fuel cell research experience since 1999, with his longest positions being at Samsung and GS Fuel Cell (GS-Caltex). His prior fuel cell projects have included membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) (evaluation, water management, durability, diagnosis, etc.), stack development and evaluation, fuel cell system development, steam reformer optimization, preferential oxidation reactor development, and more. His current research interest is energy storage and conversion, especially high energy Li-ion battery electrodes and PEM fuel cell MEAs. Outside of research, he likes basketball, swimming, snowboarding, and movies.


Lithium ion batteries and PEM fuel cells

Lithium ion batteries

Building, testing, and diagnosing high energy lithium ion batteries, graphite and Si-C / NMC 532 cells, (Aug. 2014~current)

- Electrochemical characteristics (EIS, HPPC, CV, etc.) and electrode material analysis (XPS, SIMS, TEM, SEM, etc.)

- Cycle life and degradation diagnosis and analysis (Matlab, Simulink, etc.)

Developing methods to enhance lithium ion battery life (Aug. 2014~current)

- Solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) enhancement.

- Fast and stable SEI formation (Formation protocols).

- Electrode surface treatment to improve cycle life (UV treatment, heat treatment).

Developing method to enhance high energy lithium ion battery life (Aug. 2014~current)

- Solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) enhancement


PEM fuel cells

Processing electrode coatings and fabricating membrane-electrode-assemblies (MEAs) in semi-production-scales, (Oct. 2016~current)

- Developing and optimizing electrode coating and MEA in roll-to-roll manufacturing

- Evaluating coatings and MEAs


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering – Yonsei University, Seoul, S. Korea

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, S. Korea

Awards and Recognitions

  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    • Research Graduate Scholarship (Jan. 2012 - May 2014)
  • 224th ECS Meeting, San Francisco, CA
    • Travel grant (Oct. 2013)
    • Title: In Situ, Ionic Conductivity Measurement of Ionomer/Binder-Free Pt Catalyst Under Fuel Cell Operating Condition
  • Energy Laboratory at Samsung, Yongin, South Korea
    • Appreciation Plaque (Oct. 2011)
  • SAMSUNG Journal of Innovative Technology, South Korea
    • Samsung Journal Award (Materials, Chemistry & Energy) (2007)
    • Title: A Mono-Polar Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) Stack for Portable Media Players (PMP)
  • 2000 Fuel Cell Seminar, Portland, OR
    • Travel grant (Oct. 2000)
    • Title: Comparison and Development of Pt-Membranes Reformed by Two Kinds of
    • Methods for Self-Humidification Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells
  • Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
    • Research Graduate Scholarship (2000)
    • Teaching Assistantship (1999 ,2000)
  • Seoul National University of Technology, Seoul, South Korea
    • Excellence Award (Graduation with Honors) (Feb. 1999)
    • Academic Achievement Scholarship (1997, 1998)


Google Scholar Profile: Seong Jin An

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