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Student Handbook

Reserve Work Space

Use the link below to reserve Bredesen Center work space at

Bredesen Center Wiki

Link to wiki: here

This site provides a list of resources available and contacts for people who have expertise and/or access at UT and ORNL. Check it out and add your own!

Defense Rubrics

Please print and bring with you to the defense. Each member of the committee should complete a form and either return with the student or email to Allie Burns (

Required BC Forms

  • Student Progress Report: This form is to be completed by the student and reviewed/signed by the faculty advisor at the end of each term (Spring, Summer, Fall). Please note that this form should be updated with the appropriate term and deadline for each new reporting period.
  • ESE Course Planning Sheet: This form is intended to help the student and BC staff track all necessary requirements. Please update and submit before the beginning of each term, particularly Fall & Spring.
  • DSE Course Planning Sheet
  • Travel Request Submission – MUST submit for any work-related travel (ORNL, UTK, etc.)

All completed Bredesen Center forms should be submitted to Allie Burns (

Other Useful Links

  • UTK Graduate School Forms
    • Admission to Candidacy
    • PhD Committee Submission
    • Schedule of Dissertation Defense
    • Approval of Dissertation
    • Concurrent Master Application

*Please make sure that you attend carefully to all instructions for Graduate School forms (information necessary, type of signatures required, and way of submission).