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Racheff Chair of Excellence and Professor of Plant ScienceContact InformationE-mail: nealstewart@utk.eduPersonal Website

Bioenergy and Biofuels BiographyFaculty Advisor: Cong TrinhContact InformationE-mail:

Bioenergy and BiofuelsBiographyFaculty Advisor: Adam Guss My research focus is metabolic engineering of a thermophile, Clostridium thermocellum, for ethanol, butanol, […]

Biosciences Division, ORNLBiographyDr. Michener did doctoral research in protein and metabolic engineering at Caltech with Christina Smolke and Frances Arnold, […]

Bioenergy and BiofuelsBiographyFaculty Advisor: Adam GussContact InformationE-mail:

Biosciences Division, ORNLContact InformationE-mail: t2t@ornl.govPersonal Website

Biosciences Division, ORNLContact InformationE-mail: kalluriudayc@ornl.govPersonal Website

Bioenergy and BiofuelsBiographySupervising Faculty: Abhijeet Borole and Terry Hazen Scott was born and raised in Oak Park, Illinois, a small suburb of […]

Bioenergy and BiofuelsBiographySupervising Faculty: Wellington Muchero and Scott Retterer Anna is pursuing a PhD Energy Science and Engineering. She is researching […]

Biosciences Division, ORNLContact InformationE-mail: yangx@ornl.govPersonal Website