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Adam Thompson

Senior Scientist, AbbVie, Inc.


Current Employment: AbbVie, Inc


Dissertation Title: In silico Driven Metabolic Engineering Towards Enhancing Biofuel and Biochemical Production

Mentors: Cong Trinh

Dissertation Description: The development of a secure and sustainable energy economy is likely to require the production of fuels and commodity chemicals in a renewable manner. There has been renewed interest in biological commodity chemical production recently, in particular focusing on non-edible feedstocks. The fields of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology have arisen in the past 20 years to address the challenge of chemical production from biological feedstocks. Metabolic modeling is a powerful tool for studying the metabolism of an organism and predicting the effects of metabolic engineering strategies. Various techniques have been developed for modeling cellular metabolism, with the underlying principle of mass balance driving the analysis. In this dissertation, two industrially relevant organisms were examined for their potential to produce biofuels.


PhD in Energy Science and Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Master of Science in Chemistry - Georgia State University

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry - Georgia Institute of Technology



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