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Akinola Oyedele

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group


Current Employment: Consultant, Boston Consulting Group


Dissertation Title: Electronic Functionalities in Two-Dimensional Layered Materials for Device Applications

Mentor: Dr. Kai Xiao

Dissertation Description: "The rise of two-dimensional (2D) materials has enabled the realization of ultra-thin electronics with broad-range of applications in transistors, memory devices, photodetectors, chemical sensors, and electronic displays. The optoelectronic functionality displayed by this unique material class is determined by the underlying quantum phenomena relating to their crystal structure, quantum confinement, and heterogeneities such as defects, vacancies, dopants and atomic interface in their heterostructures. In this thesis, I introduced a novel 2D anisotropic material, palladium diselenide (PdSe2), with a unique pentagonal, puckered structure unlike most other 2D materials with hexagonal building blocks. PdSe2 displays a strong layer-dependent optical and electronic properties, with high carrier mobility and air stability for device applications. Also, I highlighted the role that defects, vacancies and doping plays in tuning the electronic properties of 2D materials. For example, we showed that through defect engineering, a new complementing metallic phase can be achieved from PdSe2 that forms a sharp atomic interface with negligible Schottky barrier heights that are important to eliminate contact resistance in PdSe2 devices. The ease of manipulating the structure of 2D materials, coupled with ample device engineering opportunities, makes 2D materials viable candidates for future nano-electronics."


PhD in Energy Science and Engineering - University of Tennessee

Master of Science in Renewable Energy, Science and Technology - École Polytechnique, France

Bachelor of Science in Electrical/Electronics Engineering - University of Lagos, Nigeria

National Diploma, Electrical Engineering, 2006 – Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria


Google Scholar Profile: Akinola Oyedele

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