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Alex Lewis

VP of Technology, Electro-Active Technologies, LLC


Current Employment: Founder, Electro-Active Technologies, LLC

Alex recently completed his PhD through the Bredesen Center in August 2017. He worked in the lab of Dr. Abhijeet Borole at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where his research focused on managing electroactive microbial community development through bioprocess control for the conversion of biomass-derived streams into renewable hydrogen. He recently founded the start-up Electro-Active Technologies LLC in Knoxville, which is focused on transforming the perception of organic waste from a burden to a resource via high value product generation and closed-loop processes.


Dissertation Title: Managing exoelectrogenic microbial community development through bioprocess control for conversion of biomass-derived streams

Mentor: Abhijeet Borole



PhD in Energy Science and Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Systems - University of California–San Diego