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Arjun Shankar

Computational Sciences and Engineering Division, ORNL


Dr. Mallikarjun (Arjun) Shankar’s interdisciplinary research focuses on bridging the fields of computer science and energy systems.  Arjun’s Ph.D. is in computer science from the University of Illinois, Urbana, following which he did a stint in industry designing and building next-generation content distribution infrastructures.  His research in the national laboratory setting has involved designing national scale sensor networking systems, energy grid monitoring and control frameworks, and developing mechanisms to overlay data middleware, computation, and control across a wide swath of domain-dependent infrastructures.  His sponsored R&D project outputs have several active users in the federal government as well as in the commercial sector. His research has resulted in over thirty peer-reviewed publications including those that address interdisciplinary concerns such as jointly modeling and simulating infrastructure requirements, policy guidelines, and resource availability for energy grid growth analysis. He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society.


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Monitor the Electrons in Real-Time, Wired Magazine, March 2009, Seven Ways to Fix the Grid, Now.

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