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Claus Daniel

Materials Science & Technology Division, ORNL


Dr. Claus Daniel is the Materials Science and Technology Division’s Lead Scientist in Energy Storage Science and Technologies at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is a material scientist by training working on materials processing and characterization development for advanced energy storage systems. He has expertise on thin film structures, mechanical and functional properties, surface processing, and laser treatment. In July 2005, as a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow, he was appointed an ORNL research staff member and is an adjunct faculty at UT since April 2007. He holds a PhD from the Saarland University and two M.S., one from the Saarland University and the other from the Lorraine National Polytechnic Institute. He was awarded the Carl-Eduard-Schulte-Prize 2002 from the German Engineering Society, the Young Professionals Award 2003 from the German Materials Society, the Eugene P. Wigner Fellowship Award 2005 from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Dr. Eduard Martin Prize 2006 from his former university, the Saarland University, and the Werner Köster Prize 2006 from the German Materials Society and the Carl Hanser Publishing Company, and the 2009 Early Career Award for Engineering Accomplishments from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is an active member of the Electrochemical Society (ECS), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM).


His research has been focused on laser-material interaction, non-destructive materials analysis such as ultrasonic tests, atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and destructive microstructure analysis with techniques such as transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, metallography, focused ion beam techniques, nano-indentation. His research interests focus on functional materials for industrial, biomedical, energy storage, and energy conversion applications. Recently, his focus on energy storage materials and processing gained significantly more interest and he started to concentrate his efforts. He has a leading role in the development of the new research portfolio on energy storage at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and is advocating a stronger emphasis on materials and processing for energy storage in order to increase domestic manufacturing and better understand life time and performance limitations of batteries. With this background, he has been invited to lectures at several universities and international conferences such as MS&T, ECS, and TMS.


Dr. Daniel is the editor of the second edition of Wiley-VCH’s “Handbook of Battery Materials” scheduled to be published in 2011. Dr. Daniel has authored and co-authored a number of peer reviewed scientific publications, and provided two book chapters in the areas of materials characterization, thin films and coatings, mechanical and magnetic properties, and laser interference direct structuring of metals, ceramics, and polymers. He has been invited for numerous lectures in USA, Germany, France, and Austria.

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