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David Reeves

Energy Materials


Supervising Faculty: Bob Standaert

David's interests lie in biochemistry and organic synthesis relating to energy issues and incorporation into bacteria for neutron studies. 

His previous research includes coating of nickel-tungsten substrates for superconductor film growth, using cerium oxide solutions doped with zirconium (ORNL, summers of 2009 and 2011), deuteration of various grass and plant species (including switchgrass and ryegrass) for target biomass production and neutron structural studies (ORNL, summer 2010), and development of paper based testing devices for detection of malaria in African countries (Notre Dame, 2011-2012).

Currently, David is working with Dr. Bob Standaert in the Biosciences Division at ORNL where he is engaged in two separate projects. The first is as a part of the Adaptive Biosystems Imaging (ABI) project, where his focus is on the synthesis of various branched fatty acids for deuteration studies. He is also involved in the synthesis of various monolignols, creating them from a number of organic acids and combining them with fluorescent tags. While separate, both projects will involve studies on the organisms that consume those molecules and how they incorporate these compounds into their structure and function.

Outside of school, David enjoys studying classical Japanese language and literature (including transcribing and translating scanned texts for possible later publication), reading and writing (mostly casual fiction), as well as a variety of casual sports and exercise (including bowling and football, both fantasy and real).


Masters of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature - University of Massachusetts Amherst (2015)

Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and Japanese - University of Notre Dame (2013)


Google Scholar profile: David Reeves