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Guinevere Shaw

Program Manager, Department of Energy


Supervising Faculty: Ted Biewer

Guinevere is pursuing a Ph.D in Energy Science and Engineering with a Concentration in Surface Characterization Diagnostics and Plasma Material Interactions. Her research is performed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Fusion and Materials for Nuclear Systems Division.

Research: Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a technique for measuring surface matter composition and elemental concentration. LIBS is performed by focusing laser radiation onto a target surface, ablating the surface, forming a plasma, and analyzing the emitted light. LIBS surface analysis is a possible diagnostic for characterizing plasma-facing materials in future fusion reactors. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has enabled the initial installation of a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy diagnostic on the Prototype Material-Plasma Exposure eXperiment (Proto-MPEX), which strives to mimic the conditions found at the surface and surrounding plasma boundary known as the divertor region. Guinevere plans to study helium and deuterium concentrations in plasma exposed tungsten using LIBS.

Policy/Project Management: Guinevere is also interested in energy policy and project management for future energy sources with a specific interest in nuclear and fusion related fields.


Bachelor of Science in Solar Earth and Planetary Sciences – Florida Institute of Technology

Awards and Recognitions

  • Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, July 2014
  • APS Student Travel Grant to APS Division of Plasma Physics Conference


Google Scholar Profile: Guinevere Shaw

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