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Holly Ray

Nuclear Energy


Supervising Faculty: Theodore Biewer

Research:  Utilization of plasma spectroscopy and a collisional radiative model (CRM) to measure electron temperature and density in a Oak Ridge National Laboratory linear plasma.  A high temporal and spatial resolution filterscope is employed to measure helium line intensities.  These intensities are then ratio-ed, depending on their dependence to electron temperature and density, and compared to the calculated values from the CRM.  A CRM generates a lookup table of various electron temperatures and densities corresponding to a ratio, using atomic databases information for calculations.  This diagnostic technique is non-invasive and extensively used.  Future work, possibly in the scope of the PhD, is to expand this technique to a 2D measurement diagnostic.


Policy/Law: Pursuing the option of improving fission and fusion regulations and licensing through the motivation of shifting away from the Nuclear Term. Currently working on a law review that details the benefits to exploring this option and licensing and regulation fusion energy in the US.  Finish Data: late October


Bachelor of Science Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee

Awards and Recognitions

  • Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, July 2015


Google Scholar Profile: Holly Ray

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