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Ilia Ivanov

Center for Nanophase Materials Science, ORNL


Research interest:Nano-materials, polymers and composite for energy related applications.In-situ diagnostics, imaging of structure functional changes in thin films. Developing of understanding and control of thin film self assembly- from molecular aggregation in solutions to film assembly on the surface.Multi parameter phase diagrams of materials - controlling metastable states.Development of advanced concepts for bionic applications. Artificial neural bundle,FILMskin (bionic skin) Education:Bowling Green State University Ph.D. 1998 Photo Chemistry and Physical ChemistryMoscow International School for Business in Industry and Sciences, 1993Russian University of Chemical Technology B.S. 1988 Engineer Radiation and Physical ChemistryProfessional Experience:2006–present Research Staff, Functionality Group, Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences,ORNL2002–2006 Research Associate, Dept. of Material Sciences and Technologies, University ofTennessee-Knoxville1998–2001 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chemical Sciences Division, ORNL1990–1993 Assistant Director, Industrial Technologies and Materials, Moscow1988–1993 Research Assistant, Department of Physical Chemistry (Radiation and Photochemistry), Russian University of Chemical Technology, Moscow


Battelle Distinguished Inventor Three Technology commercialization awards (two- 2014, one 2015)


Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences http://cnms.ornl.govSpallation Neutron Source http://


7,608,824 Doped carbon nanostructure field emitter arrays for infrared imaging7,763,353 Fabrication of high thermal conductivity arrays of carbon nanotubes and their composites7,923,922 Transparent conductive nano-composites8,101,913 Method of making large area conformable shape structures for detector/sensor applications using glassdrawing technique and postprocessing8,142,516 Self-cleaning skin-like prosthetic polymer surfaces8,202,749 Array of aligned and dispersed carbon nanotubes and method of producing the array8,208,136 Large area substrate for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) using glass-drawing technique8,415,704 Close-packed array of light emitting devices8,460,782 Array of aligned and dispersed carbon nanotubes and method of producing the array8,461,600 Method for morphological control and encapsulation of materials for electronics and energy applications8,568,027 Carbon nanotube temperature and pressure sensors

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