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Jake Carter

Nuclear Energy


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason Hayward

Radiation Detection and Characterization
Experience: Bell Telephone, IBM, Air Force Research Lab, NASA Langley, Air Force Corporation
Bio: 67 years old, 30 years Air Force, 28 years United Airlines, married - three kids


effective Z in NaI(Tl), GADRAS


BSEE UTK, MSEE U. of Dayton and Ohio State


· The Imaging Detector Subsystem Electronics of the Fieldable Nuclear Materials Identification System (FNMIS), 2015 ORNL

· Recent Fast Neutron Imaging Measurements with the Fieldable Nuclear materials Identification System, 2014 ORNL/UT

· Nuclear Energy – Neutron Generators, PhD Qualifier, 2014 ORNL/UT

· Carbon Tariff Integration in Existing Trade Agreements, US-China, 2014 UT

· Surgically Implanted Weapons: Eliminating the Threat, 2012 ORNL

· Teaching Energy Management Controllers to Learn, 2010 ORNL

· Commercial Neutron Sources and DOE Research, 2009 ORNL

· Reconfigurable Avionics Modeling and Simulation System, 2004 USAF

· Aircraft Targeting Radar Transformation Theory and Application, 1997 USAF

· Classified

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· Classified

· Voice Recognition Authentication, (Thesis) 1985 University of Dayton

· Mistral, High Density Semiconductor Memory, 1978 IBM

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