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Jian Huang

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UTK


After earning his PhD in computer science from the Ohio State University, Jian Huang started his academic career at the University of Tennessee, becoming an assistant professor in 2001 and later an associate professor in 2007. Thanks to support by his colleagues and great work by his students, he was a past winner of DOE Early Career Principal Investigator (ECPI) Award, UTK Chancellor's Professional Promise Award in Research and Creative Achievement, and College of Engineering Research Fellow Award. He had the great honor to be named "ACM Faculty of The Year" by EECS students for the academic year of 2009-2010. His research expertise includes ultrascale scientific visualization areas such as large data visualization, multivariate data visualization and time-varying data visualization, as well as systems oriented areas of visualization such as parallel, distributed, remote and collaborative visualization. His groups's research has been funded by Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, NASA and UT-Battelle.


Data Visualization

Parallel Computing


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