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Jim Ostrowski

Industrial and Systems Engineering, UTK


My research involves both the development of optimization methodology and its application to real-world problems. My methodological work focuses on algorithm design for discrete optimization and graph theory problems. My application areas are varied, but focus mainly on both energy systems and transportation logistics. As examples, I am currently collaborating on two data-driven optimization projects. In the first example, I am working on “neighborhoods of the future,” helping design residential neighborhoods that can act as an isolated microgrids. This work uses forecasted data to develop a market that ensures that the neighborhood’s assets are distributed efficiently. The second project, “snow removal analytics,” combines solar radiation data with traffic data to determine the optimal response to snow storms. That is, we identify how to treat roads (salt or plowing) in order to minimize the number of affected individuals. Both projects would be of interest to data science engineering, as they involve the application of data science to both urban systems and transportation science. 

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