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Jin-Gui (Jay) Chen

Research & Development, Biosciences Division, ORNL


Dr. Jin-Gui (Jay) Chen is a Research & Development Staff Member in the Biosciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Prior to joining ORNL in 2010, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Chen is a Plant Molecular Biologist and Geneticist and has been best recognized for his contributions in the field of plant signal transduction. So far, Dr. Chen has published more than 70 articles including articles in prestigious journals such as SciencePNASGenes & Development, and The Plant Cell. Currently, he has an h-index of 19. Dr. Chen also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Plant Growth and Regulation and International Journal of Plant Developmental Biology. At ORNL, Dr. Chen leads research activities in the U.S. DOE BioEnergy Science Center, investigating the regulatory mechanisms underlying plant cell wall biosynthesis and recalcitrance. Dr. Chen is also an investigator in the Plant-Microbe Interfaces Scientific Focus Area and an investigator in Engineering CAM Photosynthetic Machinery into Bioenergy Crops for Biofuels Production in Marginal Environments.


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