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Joseph Kingsley

Energy Storage & Conversion


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Zawodzinski

Throughout my life, I have always wanted to study renewable energy. While fossil fuels have been critical in transforming our world, they are limited and will become depleted in the relatively near future. Therefore, it is imperative that new technologies are developed to address this need. While there are currently many methods for generating electricity utilizing renewable resources, these processes rely on intermittent energy sources, such as the sun and wind. To ensure the supply of energy is reliable, energy conversion and storage technologies are of utmost importance. I am so excited for the opportunity to study this area through the Energy Science and Engineering PhD Program at the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Because energy is a multi-faceted challenge, it will require advances and solutions on many fronts. Through the Bredesen Center’s interdisciplinary approach, I am also taking coursework in energy policy and scientific writing, which I hope will help me make an impact through my research.


I performed undergraduate research in the area of fuel cell membrane characterization, and I am excited to continue research in energy conversion and storage. Specifically, I am interested in the topics of fuel cells and electrolyzers. These technologies would allow for the production and utilization of hydrogen, an energy carrier with the potential to overcome intermittency and geographic issues with renewable energy.


B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Chancellor's Honors Program, University of Tennessee

Awards and Recognitions

2nd Place, Materials Engineering and Sciences Group VI, Undergraduate Research Poster Competition at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2021 Annual Student Conference
1st Place, University of Tennessee Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2022 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition
Recipient of University of Tennessee Graduate School Fellowship

Contact Information