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Kellie Gadeken

ESE, Environmental and Climate Sciences


Supervising Faculty: Dr. Joshua Fu (Civil Engineering at UTK), Dr. Forrest Hoffman (Climate Modeling Group at ORNL)


Kellie is pursuing her PhD in Energy Science and Engineering with a minor in Interdisciplinary Graduate Computational Science (IGMCS) and a graduate certificate in Engineering Education.

Her primary research focus is on air pollution from wildfires and other anthropogenic sources. Kellie is interested in applications of computational science and machine learning for environmental sciences. She is also interested in integrated solid waste management, garbology, and measuring air pollution from various waste disposal methods.

In addition to her primary research interests, Kellie has a passion for STEM education, sustainable city design, and science writing.

When Kellie is not in class or in her office, she can usually be found reading, camping, hiking, or trying new things (especially if they are outdoors).



Air Pollution


General Associate's Degree - Colorado Mountain College (2016)

Bachelor's Degree in Astronomy, minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science - University of Colorado Boulder (2019)

Awards and Recognitions

Blakely Awards Competition, East Tennessee Chapter -  Merit Award for Graduate Entry in Science Writing Category, Awarded April 27, 2021

Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA) Graduate Scholarship, East Tennessee Chapter - Awarded May 21, 2021


Research Publications: 

Predicting subsurface sonar observations with satellite-derived ocean surface data in the California Current Ecosystem

Kellie R. Gadeken, Maxwell B. Joseph, Joseph McGlinchy, Kristopher B. Karnauskas, Carrie C. Wall

bioRxiv 2020.05.29.124669; doi:


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