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Ken Kihm

Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, UTK


Dr. Kihm received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1987, successively after receiving his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Seoul National University, Korea in 1979 and 1981, respectively. He then worked as Research Associate at the Laser Diagnostics Laboratory at Carnegie-Mellon University for two years. For the next 16 years, he worked as Assistant (1989), Associate (1994), and Full Professor (2001) at Texas A&M University. Since 2004 he has been working as Magnavox Chair Professor at the University of Tennessee. His research interests include, (1) 2-D material characterization and applications for energy storage and conversion devices, and (2) neutron radiographic analysis of liquid metal phase transition for high temperature cooling. Dr. Kihm has published more than 130 refereed journal articles, approximately 110 conference proceeding articles, two book chapters, and a monograph “Near-Field Characterization of Micro/Nano-Scale Fluid Flows” in 2011 by Springer. He is a Fellow of ASME, and is currently serving as Associate Editor for Experiments in Fluids and as Editor-in-Chief for Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing. He also has served as Technical Associate Editor for Journal of Heat Transfer (2002-2005), Chair of K-22 Heat Transfer Visualization Committee (2001 - 2013), and as the Guest Editor for annual Photogallery special publications in Journal of Heat Transfer for the past 12 years.


Selected Publications:

I. T. Kim and K. D. Kihm, “Nano Sensing and Energy Conversion Using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR),” Materials 8, pp. 4332-4343; doi: 10.3390/ma8074332, July 2015.


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S. Cheon, K. D. Kihm, H. Kim, G. Lim, J. S. Park and J. S. Lee, "How to Reliably Determine the Complex Refractive Index (RI) of Graphene Layers Using Two Measurement Constraints," Nature Scientific Reports 6364, doi:10.1038/srep06364, September 2014.


H. J. Yi, J. Tipton, K. D. Kihm, D. M. Pratt, A. D. Swanson and S. Rawal, “Effect of Disjoining Pressure (Π) on Multi-Scale Modeling for Evaporative Liquid Metal (Na) Capillary” Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 78, pp. 137-149, November 2014.


K. Yoon, G. Hwang, J. Chung, H. Kim, O. Kwon, K. D. Kihm, and J. S. Lee, “Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Residue-Free Suspended graphene Bridge Using Null Point Scanning Thermal Microscopy,” Carbon, Vol. 76, pp. 77-83, September 2014.


J. S. Park, K. D. Kihm, H. Kim, G. Lim, S. Cheon and J. S. Lee, "Wetting and Evaporative Crystallization of Nanofluids on CVD-Synthesized Hydrophobic Graphene Surfaces," Langmuir, Vol. 30, issue 28, pp. 8268-8275, July 2014.


K. Kihm, E. Kirchoff, M. Golden, J. Rosenfeld, S. Rawal, D. Pratt, A. Swanson, H. Bilheux, L. Walker, S. Voisin, D. S. Hussey, and D. L. Jacobson, “Neutron Imaging of Alkali Metal Heat Pipes,” Physics Procedia, Vol. 43, pp. 323-330, March 2013.


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S. Cheon, K. D. Kihm, J. S. Park, J. S. Lee, B. J. Lee, H. Kim and B. H. Hong, “How to Optically Count Graphene Layers,” Optics Letters, Vol. 37 (18), pp. 3765-3767, September 2012.


Y. S. Na, J. S. Lee, and K. D. Kihm, “Comparison of Dynamic and Static Thermal Conductivities of Nanofluids Under Fully Developed Laminar Flow Conditions,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55, pp. 7933-7940, October 2012.


I. T. Kim and K. D. Kihm, “Hidden Cavity Formations by Nanocrystalline Self-Assembly on Various Substrates with Different Hydrophobicities,” Langmuir 28 (25), pp. 9195-9200, DOI 10.1021/la301526f, June 2012.


K. D. Kihm, S. Cheon, J. S. Park, H. J. Kim, J. S. Lee, I. T. Kim, and H. J. Yi, “Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Reflectance Imaging: Far-field Recognition of Near-Field Phenomena,” Optics and Lasers in Engineering, Vol. 50, No. 1, pp. 64-73, January 2012.


K. D. Kihm, C. H. Chon, J. S. Lee and S. U. S. Choi, “A New Heat Propagation Velocity Prevails over Brownian Particle Velocities in Determining the Thermal Conductivities of Nanofluids,” Nanoscale Research Letters, Vol 6, No. 361, April 2011.


S. Y. Yoon, K. D. Kihm, and K. C. Kim, “Correlation of Fluid Refractive Index (RI) with Calibration Coefficient for Micro-Defocusing Digital particle Image Velocimetry (μ-DDPIV),” Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 22, 037001, January 2011.


J. S. Park, K. D. Kihm, and J. S. Lee, “Nonintrusive Measurements of Mixture Concentration Fields by Analyzing Diffraction Image Patterns (Point Spread Function) of Nanoparticles,” Experiments in Fluids, Vol. 49, No. 1, pp. 183-191, July 2010.


S. Kim, T. G. Thundat, and K. D. Kihm, “Fluidic Applications of an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Its Microcantilever Sensors,” Experiments in Fluid, Vol. 48, No. 5, pp. 721-736, May 2010.


I. T. Kim and K. D. Kihm, “Measuring Near-Field Nanoparticle Concentration Profiles by Correlating Surface Plasmon Resonance Reflectance with Effective Refractive Index of Nanofluids,” Optics Letters, Vol. 35, No. 3, pp. 393-395, February 2010.


K. D. Kihm, “Near-Field Fluidic Characterization Using a Label-Free Imaging Technique Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Reflectance,” Experiments in Fluids Vol. 48, No. 4, pp.547-564, April 2010.

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