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Kevin Llopart

Energy Materials


Faculty Advisor: Robert Sacci

Part of reestablishing a balance in our ecosystems pertains to our approach to energy, and overcoming the intermittency of renewables is key to cutting the CO₂ emissions to net zero. As a Graduate Research Assistant at the Bredesen center, I want to investigate effective solutions toward industrial-scale sustainable energy production, for instance by designing higher specific energy batteries, improving their cycle life and safety, and minimizing the use of materials causing severe social and environmental effects.

Physics encompasses every aspect of the world’s wonderful mechanics, and my appreciation of this led me to major in theoretical physics and mathematics as an undergraduate in Classe Préparatoire, in France. In every Classe Préparatoire, the broad and demanding curriculum is standardized by the French Ministry of Education, ending with national competitive examinations to enter the Grandes Ecoles — renowned engineering schools— ; and the grading system is notoriously harsh. I highly revere the professors I had : such caliber in excellency could have granted them great success in a corporate world or research. Their rigor, impressive mastery of their subject, sense of public service, and personability makes them the most impressive teachers I have ever met so far.

After successfully entering the Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique in 2011, I developed a passion for framing and modeling physics problems. Graduating from a highly ranked engineering school allowed me to tackle very different topics, not only multiple Physics subjects or advanced mathematical tools for engineers, but also topics in Economics, and even in Management and Social Science.

Upon graduation in 2014, I decided to teach in primary schools to share what others helped me foster in my own development and what I believe will serve the common good. My time as a teacher has honed many skills including organization, communication, observation skills, creativity, empathy, and dedication. I worked at the International School of Los Angeles from 2020 to 2022. I cannot express how much I have learned, and how much love I have received from my colleagues, students and their families there.

Although it is finding elegant solutions that originally attracted me, I chose to return to academia and research in 2022 because I have an understanding for the speed with which we need to solve the energy problems. This understanding, as well as my enthusiasm for renewable sources and reducing social inequalities, led me to volunteer as a technical coordinator for the French NGO Synergie Solaire over the past few years.


Materials for Energy Applications


Master of Engineering, Institut Mines-Télécom Atlantique, 2014, Nantes, France

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