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Madeline Wimmer

Additive Manufacturing for Energy


Faculty Advisors: Brett Compton and Chris Hershey

Madeline is continuing her education at UT, starting her PhD in 2020. Both her undergrad and masters degrees were earned at UT in materials science and mechanical engineering respectively. Currently, she works at the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) at ORNL studying thermoset cure kinetics and stability for large scale thermoset printing. In short, her overall research goal is to quantify and model the time it takes for a soft material, like an epoxy, to become rigid and link that to the stability of the material as it cures. Ideally, this understanding will allow for better modeling of processing conditions, either for large scale 3D printing or more traditional manufacturing methods.

Outside of research, Madeline is interested in understanding how to best communicate technical topics to non-technical audiences. Once graduated, she is intersted in persuing a AAAS policy fellowship, using her technical knowledge to better develop political policies. Madeline believes communities are important as served as the secertary for the UTK chapter of WiSTAR3 (women in stem advancing research, readiness, and retention) for the 2020-2022 school years. When stressed, she can be found reading, hiking, crocheting, paddle boarding, or playing with her cat.



Bachelors of Science, Materials Sciene and Engineering - UTK (2018) and Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering - UTK (2020)


Semi-solid epoxy feedstocks with high glass transition temperature for material extrusion additive manufacturing
Polymeric Materials for Additive Manufacturing

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