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Matt Lane

Health/Bio - Computational Sciences


Faculty Advisor: Dan Jacobson

Matt Lane is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Computational and Predictive Biology Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory working under Dr. Dan Jacobson.

His current research centers around the application of statistical, graph theoretical, machine and deep learning methods for prediction and analysis of complex biological systems using the leadership class systems Andes, Summit, and Perlmutter.

Research undertakings currently include:

- Using Explainable AI to create massive Predictive Expression Networks for use in Multiplex Omics models.
- Employing geometric deep learning for node embedding and link prediction on large and sparse networks.
- Metabolomic profile network creation through peak extraction and statistical processing of LC/GC-MS data.
- Scientific Software engineering for the production of well-tested and documented packages for publication.
- Topological Perturbation of networks for the phenotypic prediction of genetic modulation.

Matt Lane earned his M.S. in Computer Science under Dr. Sharlee Climer at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, working on network theory techniques for the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid metabolites in patients of Alzheimer’s disease. After his tenure at the University of Missouri, he worked as a software engineer at Bayer Crop Science, developing software for the collection, storage, and analysis of crops in the field.

He actively volunteers to teach coding and robotics to local high school students and community members working with the East Tennessee STEM Hub and is currently serving as a board member for the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network's Statewide Computer Science Advisory Board (


Computational Biology


M.S. Computer Science, University of Missouri - St. Louis 2017 B.A. Biology, University of Missouri - Columbia 2011 B.A. Philosophy, University of Missouri - Columbia 2011

Professional Service

Computer Science and Robotics Educator / Mentor: 2021 - Present
TSIN Computer Science Advisory Board Member: 2022 - Present

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