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Michelle Lehmann

Energy Conversion and Storage


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tomonori Saito

Michelle’s research interests include membrane separations and polymer electrolytes for batteries and fuel cells. After spending over ten years working as a veterinary technician, she enrolled at the University of Tennessee to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. During her time at UT, Michelle was involved in undergraduate research with Dr. Counce and interned at ORNL. Since starting her graduate degree, Michelle has gained experience in a variety of polymerization techniques including RAFT, cationic, Friedel-Crafts aromatic polycondensation, ROMP, and vinyl-addition norbornene synthesis (including catalyst synthesis). Her characterization experience includes DSC, DMA, TGA, SAXS, FTIR, SEC, various electrochemical, and ICP-OES.


Polymer electrolytes, ion exchange membranes


Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Professional Service

Director 2018-2019 – American Institute for Chemical Engineers

Awards and Recognitions

  • Science Alliance GATE Assistantship (2020-2021)
  • R&D 100 Award (2019)
  • Jack S. Watson Award for Outstanding Research in Separation Science (2017)
  • Chancellor’s Award for Extraordinary Professional Promise (2017)
  • CBE research poster competition - 2nd place (2016)
  • SARIF Graduate Research Assistantship. (Summer 2016)
  • Pellissippi State - Natural and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Graduate Award (2014)
  • Chemistry Ambassador Award from the American Chemical Society. (2014)


Google Scholar Profile: Michelle Lehmann

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