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Mike Guidry

Department of Physics & Astronomy, UTK


Mike Guidry is the author of more than 200 journal publications and invited presentations, 3 published textbooks, and 3 textbooks in advanced preparation that address topics in nuclear physics, computational science, advanced educational technology, astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, general relativity, the mathematics of symmetry in physics, elementary particle physics, relativistic quantum field theory, and condensed matter physics. He has been the lead educational technology developer for a 7 major college textbooks (with multiple editions) in introductory physics, astronomy, biology, genetics, and microbiology, and in projects as diverse as training K-12 teachers to use educational technology effectively and explaining the science behind weapons of mass destruction for emergency first responders. Recently he has developed an online course and conducted workshops in programming modern mobile devices for scientific and educational applications. His primary current research interests lie in development of new algorithms for solving large coupled sets of differential equations in scientific applications, understanding the mechanism for Type Ia supernovae, and developing new many-body techniques for understanding high-temperature superconductors and other strongly-correlated electron systems, and in developing new approaches to quantum Hall physics in graphene. He has won various teaching awards and is responsible for many Web-based and conventional initiatives introducing and explaining science to the public.

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