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Panos Datskos

Measurement Science and Systems Engineering Division, ORNL


Panos Datskos currently serves as Group Leader of Nanosystems and Structures at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He is also a Professor at the University of Tennessee and an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University.  He has over 20 years experience in scientific research and development that involve the physics of micro and nano-mechanical (MEMS/NEMS) systems, micro-mechanical physical and chemical sensors, and the physics of electron transport and ionization in gases and liquids. 

Over the past few years, Dr. Datskos has been increasingly involved in work that focuses on the use of nanostructured materials and devises for energy application.  One of his recent research efforts involves the low grade energy conversion to electrical energy using MEMS pyroelectric materials. 

Datskos is internationally recognized and has received a 2000 Discover Award and five coveted R&D 100 Awards.  He has over 76 open literature publications, over 100 conference proceedings and presentations, 12 issued patents, over 5 pending patents, and has presented numerous seminars.  He currently serves on editorial boards of the Sensors & Transducers Journal and Open Applied Physics Journal. 

Datskos’s current research focuses on nanostructured surfaces and the development of physical and chemical MEMS/NEMS sensors using microcantilevers, microcalorimetric spectroscopy, and uncooled MEMS IR detectors.  


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