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Philip Rack

Education Director, UT-ORII


Dr. Philip D. Rack is the Education Director for the UT-Oak Ridge Innovation Institute (UT-ORII) and also holds an appointment as Assistant Professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Tennessee. As Education Director, Dr. Rack is responsible for the mission and vision of the educational programs of UT-ORII including but not limited to the Energy Science & Engineering PhD and Data Science & Engineering PhD.


Combinatorial thin film synthesis for rapid materials discovery

Materials integration and nanofabrication for advanced device application

Nanoscale focused electron beam stimulated processing

Awards and Recognitions

Leonard G. Penland Chair of the College of Engineering - 2011

Chancellor’s Award for Research and Creative Achievement - 2011

College of Engineering Allen & Hoshall Engineering Faculty Award - 2011

University of Tennessee College of Engineering Research Fellow Award - 2009

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Faculty Research Award - 2009


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