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Sargun Singh Rohewal

Energy Materials


Faculty Advisor: Amit Naskar

Sargun Rohewal works with Carbon and Composite group at Oak Ridge National Lab under the supervision of Dr. Amit Naskar. His current research is focused at design and synthesis of vitrimers and recyclable composites by utilizing bio/plant based feedstock like lignin and cellulose.
Sargun originally belongs from Panjab, India. He did he B.S (H.S.) in chemistry at Panjab University, India where his undergraduate research was focused at looking into the effects of doping on the band gap of conducting polymers. For deeper understanding about polymers, Sargun came to U.S. to pursue M.S. in chemistry at University of Alabama at Birmingham where his masters project was on layer-by-layer fabrication of pH-sensitive hydrogels and capsules for targeted drug delivery.
Apart from research, Sargun is an avid reader of world politics, philosophy and war-history. He talks that his dream is to work on framing a holistic education policy to address the prevailing rural economic distress in India.



Design and Synthesis of Biobased Vitrimers and Recyclable Composites


Master of Science in Chemistry - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Awards and Recognitions

Member of American Chemical Society (ACS) 2021 - Present
Member of American Society for Composites (ASC) 2021 - Present

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