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Travis Humble

Computer Science & Mathematics Division, ORNL


Dr. Travis Humble is a Senior Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Director of the Quantum Computing Institute. He received his doctorate in theoretical chemistry from the University of Oregon before coming to ORNL as an Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Dr. Humble joined the ORNL staff in 2007 and was award the 2015 Department of Energy Early Career Research award for scientific applications of quantum computing. Dr. Humble joined the faculty of the Bredesen Center in 2013 and currently mentors graduate students in the research and development of advanced computing technologies. At the intersection of computing, physics, and information, his research focuses on the design, development, and benchmarking of new quantum computing platforms. These revolutionary new approaches to familiar computational problems include reducing algorithmic complexity, reducing the computational resource requirements, and increasing the problem sizes to be tackled by state of the art computers.


Selected Publications

T. S. Humble et al., "A Computational Workflow for Designing Silicon Donor Qubits,” Nanotechnology (2016); arXiv:1608.01416

Keith A. Britt and T. S. Humble, "High-performance Computing with Quantum Processing Units” Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems (2015); arXiv:1511.04386

R. J. Sadlier and T. S. Humble, "Superdense Coding Interleaved with Forward Error Correction,” Quantum Measurements and Quantum Metrology (2016); arXiv:1601.06321

T. S. Humble et al.,  "Performance Models for Split-execution Computing Systems,” IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (2016); arXiv:1607.01084

H. Seddiqi and T. S. Humble, "Adiabatic Quantum Optimization for Associative Memory Recall,” Frontiers in Physics (2014); arXiv:1407.1904

T. S. Humble et al., “An Integrated Development Environment for Adiabatic Quantum Programming,” Computational Science & Discovery (2014); arXiv:1309.3575

T. S. Humble, "Quantum Security for the Physical Layer,” IEEE Communications Magazine (2013); arXiv:1407.4509

C. Klymko, B. D. Sullivan, and T. S. Humble, "Adiabatic Quantum Programming: Minor Embedding With Hard Faults,” Quantum Information Processing (2014); arXiv:1210.8395

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