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Travis Lange

Post-Doc, Oak Ridge National Lab


Supervising Faculty: Jess Gehin

Originally from La Coste, Texas, Travis attended Texas A&M University graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nuclear Engineering. During his undergraduate studies Travis was part of three research projects in which he: assisted in designing and analyzing a dual neutron spectrum burner/breeder reactor, helped model radiation leakage and scattering from a high energy accelerator, and researched a closed nuclear fuel cycle focusing on pyroprocessing and electrorefining techniques for recycling used oxide and carbide fuels. Travis is fascinated by nuclear physics and particularly its applications in finding safer, more sustainable energy production methods through traditional and advanced nuclear reactor designs. Travis is looking forward to graduate studies at the University of Tennessee in the Energy Sciences and Engineering program to focus his research and passions in order to contribute to the field of engineering and society.

In his free time Travis enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, kayaking, and hiking along with playing all types of sports.


PhD in Energy Science and Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering - Texas A&M University

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