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Yunchao Li

Research Staff, Apple


Supervising Faculty: Parans Paranthaman

Yunchao Li has a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from University of Kentucky, where he served as an undergraduate research assistant in Prof. Yang-Tse Cheng’s group. During that period, he worked on thin film lithium ion batteries anode systems, specifically, the evaluation of high capacity Si-Al anode and the study of crack pattern formation mechanism of silicon thin film anode during battery cycling.

After joining Dr. Parans Paranthaman’s group as a Bredesen Center student, Yunchao’s research involves study of novel electrode materials and interfacial chemistry for improved energy storage systems. Currently, his projects include: 1. synthesizing and characterizing different solid electrolyte systems, improving the ionic conductivity by element doping and hot-pressing, evaluating the material water stability and proton exchange; 2. developing and modifying hard carbon derived from waste tires as electrochemical storage material; 3. testing different borate based lithium salts as electrolyte additives to improve high voltage cathode efficiency and cycling performance; utilizing XRD, XPS, EIS, EDS and TEM to analyze the cause of cell failure.


PhD in Energy Science and Engineering - University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Bachelor of Science, Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky


Google Scholar Profile: Yunchao Li

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