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Students in the Bredesen Center engage in interdisciplinary coursework in science and engineering and have opportunities to perform dissertation research at the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in a wide range of fields related to energy and data sciences. The results of this interdisciplinary research are often published in scholarly journals. The following list includes the work of Bredesen Center graduate students which has been published in refereed journals.

*Names in bold are Bredesen Center students or alumni. Alumni publications co-authored with their PhD research advisor are included up to five years from graduation. Names underlined are members of Bredesen Center faculty.


Student Publications


Deiterding, R.; Wood, S., “Parallel Adaptive Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Explosions Impacting on Building Structures,” Comput. Fluids 88, 719–729 (2013).


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Saha, D.; Li, Y.; Bi, Z.; Chen, J.; Keum, J. K.; Hensley, D. K.; Grappe, H. A.; Meyer III, H. M.; Dai, S.; Paranthaman, M. P.; Naskar, A. K., “Studies on Supercapacitor Electrode Material from Activated Lignin-Derived Mesoporous Carbon,” Langmuir 30 (3), 900–910 (2014).


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