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travel page excerpt

There is no allowance for travel in this subcontract. Prior to any travel under this subcontract the Seller shall submit an email identifying their travel needs, the purpose of travel, and all travelling participants to the Technical Project Officer (TPO) for approval. Once the travel is approved, the TPO or their designee will input the travel request into the ORNL Travel Reservation System to start teh reservations process. Approved travel expenses will be paid by ORNL and will not be reimbursed via this Agreement. Foreign Travel (outside of the United Stated), requires that the Seller send the email requesting travel to the TPO at least 35 days prior to the scheduled departure date for travel to a sensitive or non-sensitive country travel. Failure to provide proper notice may result in unallowable travel expenses. The Seller will be responsible for following other foreign travel requirements as identified in DOE Order 551.1C (or latest version).

Screenshot from UT-B subcontract for GRAs that explains the process for ORNL to fund research-related travel for students on contract.