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Kevin De Angeli

Data Science & Engineering, Health/Bio


Supervising Faculty: Hong-Jun Yoon

I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of ML, allowing me to interact and work with scientists from diverse backgrounds. I am interested in the development and implementation of efficient, scalable ML solutions that have the potential to improve communities.


Biomedical NLP


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Texas A&M University-Kingsville)


Google Scholar

1. Using ensembles and distillation to optimize the deployment of deep learning models for the classification of electronic cancer pathology reports

2. Class imbalance in out-of-distribution datasets: Improving the robustness of the TextCNN for the classification of rare cancer types

3. Deep active learning for classifying cancer pathology reports

4. Modeling the impact of wild harvest on plant–disperser mutualisms: Plant and disperser co-harvest model

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